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E1: A nice result that I know/I am proud of how to produce with HTML and CSS

A nice result that I am proud of how to produce with HTML and CSS is being able to change the font and style of default browser text. Although this does not require changing the written text in HTML when just selecting elements, it does require adding a selector, declaration property, and declaration value to the CSS file to properly format the desired text. By using classes, we can further separate the specific elements of our website that could be modified.

Sample 1
header, footer, nav, h2 {font-family: "Cambria", Palatino, serif;}

Sample 2
.border-paragraph {border: solid black 10px; color: darkblue; font-weight: bold; font-family: courier; font-size: 20px;}

Sample 3
p, table, ol, ul {font-family: "Calibri", Arial, serif; font-size: 110%;}

Something that I would like to be able to do but I do not know yet how to do is incorporate a video into my website (hosted by my website) that cannot be downloaded by visitors and only viewed.

E2: Useful links

Some websites with nice free pictures include:

Poppy field in Sunset

E3: Observing the design principles

Websites I really like, somewhat like, and do not like include:

E4: After midterm

Topics I realize that I am comfortable with now include: internet and website framework, core HTML markup (with tags, elements & attributes), and CSS styling (through rules, selectors and properties). However, a topic tested in the midterm that I would like to practice or review more is in-line CSS styling.

E5: Javascript

This is a sentence. Click on it.

By calling a function with onclick="say_hello()", upon selecting it the JavaScript instructions which both define the function say_hello () and indicate a statement alert('Hello world!'); reacts and then executes an alert for the webpage visitor with the message "Hello world!". The event attribute (in this case, onclick) is usually user dependent (in this case by clicking on the element).

E6: Conceptual including javascript

A concept about programming and Javascript that I have learned so far is that JavaScript lets you access and modify the content and markup of web pages while the user is viewing/interacting with them. By first accessing content (text, elements, attributes), you can then modify content (add or remove text, elements, attributes) to program rules and tell a script to run when a specific event has occurred. A script is a series of instructions that a computer can follow to achieve a goal whereas each individual step in a script is known as a statement.

Ultimately, JavaScript works together with HTML and CSS in a web page to make websites more interactive (dynamic), interesting, and user-friendly. JavaScript is made up of statements, variables, functions, selectors, events, and DOM.

E7: Counting

To increase the value by 1, click Add 1. To decrease the value by 1, click Subtract 1. To reset to zero, click Reset to 0.


This entry has taught me about the function JavaScript can support in calculations through using addone, minusone, and reset. I found it useful to apply these functions to do calculations.

E8: Rendering additional content by element in list

Click the button below to add stars to every item in the list which is not an "A" and plus signs to every item in the list which is an "A". Click the button again to add stars to all items in the list.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E

I learned about how to effectively use several Id's in a list to add subsequent text with an if statement and using conditions. I found it useful to apply the if statement and incorporating conditions.

E9: Eliminating elements from a list

Choose a color of your preference to style the ordered list in this entry:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item
  4. Fourth item
  5. Fifth item

Show here:

I learned how provide the website visitor the ability to change the color of text on the webpage and the ability to eliminate line items and have them show up in another area. I found it useful to have an alert message inform the vistor that there are no more line items to eliminate after going through each one.

E11: BONUS - Changing one picture after another

Click directly on the picture to view 3 other different pictures. After you click on the fourth picture, you will return to the first one again.

This is the bonus part. Please mark it.

Chopped Leaf 1

I learned that I can provide the website visitor the ability to click through several pictures and not just 2 (done in Assignment 3). This provides more flexibility and ability to play around with images and style. I find it useful that the if statement can be used to click through many pictures.